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Liontek BJJ Gi Size Chart

Every Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi has its own unique size guide. Generally, BJJ gi sizes consist of a letter and a number. Here is a quick breakdown of the letter and number system.


  • K - Kids
  • A - Adults (in most cases this is a unisex size category)
  • W - Women's (sizing specifically made for females)


  • 0 - Extra small
  • 1 - Small
  • 2 - Medium
  • 3 - Large
  • 4 - Extra Large
  • 5 - Extra extra Large

As a general rule of thumb, for an adult, the number will fall in line with their typical t-shirt size. However, because gi tops are often packaged with pants, there can be some discrepancies.

Below is our unique Liontek BJJ Gi sizing guide:

Liontek BJJ Gi size guide

This BJJ gi size guide includes detailed measurements to help you pick the perfect size. Our gis are made for adults and are considered unisex. The sizes range from A0 to A5, covering the majority of body shapes.

Here is an outline of what our measurements refer to (A-H):

  • A - Chest width
  • B - Torso height
  • C - Wingspan (arm to neck)
  • D - Arm thickness
  • E - Leg length (ankle to hip)
  • F - Waist (The waist measurements reflect half the typical waist measurement seen in jeans sizes. Our sizes may seem larger than usual, but consider the adjustable waist strap which can easily be tightened and tied.)
  • G - Leg thickness
  • H - Leg length (ankle to groin)

All measurements are in inches. A tolerance of about 1 inch should be considered between sizes.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for sizing recommendations. We are always happy to help.