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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Finger Sleeves: Convenient Finger Tape Replacements

What are Finger Sleeves Used For?

Finger sleeves are used to support and protect fingers from damage during sports and daily activities. We sometimes take for granted how often we use our fingers on a daily basis. Beyond our daily activities, sports open the gates to severe stresses on athletes' hands. Athletes use a variety of finger protectors ranging from tape to finger sleeves not only to protect damaged fingers, but also to prevent potential injuries.

Some of the finger support solutions on the market require excessive preparation or suppress free movement. Finger sleeves have developed as a quick, easy, and comfortable alternative to tape and braces.

Buddy Tape

An old school and quite effective finger support solution, buddy tape is used regularly by martial artists, BJJ practitioners, and other athletes. This method involves taping one or more fingers to an adjacent finger, creating a natural splint for stabilization. The basic concept, two is stronger than one, holds true. However, using buddy tape on its own comes with a few issues:

  1. Tape adhesive wears out with an accumulation of sweat and friction. After a few minutes of rolling or sports activity, most users find that their buddy tape begins to slip or tear.
  2. Applying tape is time consuming and cumbersome. Most martial arts practitioners and athletes lead busy lives. Making our way to practice is difficult enough as is. Adding additional preparation steps beforehand is unnecessary and easily avoidable with the right equipment.
  3. Thin strips of tape lack the surface area for even distribution of pressure. This not only hinders the buddy system's support, but also constricts blood flow to the tips of the fingers
Buddy wrapping fingers with tape

Liontek Finger Sleeves

Combining the strengths of the traditional buddy tape wrapping system with more structured finger splints, Liontek Finger Sleeves offer ideal finger support while allowing for free range of motion. Our finger sleeves are designed to help prevent injuries during training and competition. They are most often used for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sparring and competition, but basketball players, volleyball players, and other athletes are now discovering (and loving) our solution.

Liontek Finger Sleeves are made of a neoprene-spandex composite material. This material ensure optimal flexibility and durability. The shape of the sleeve is designed to give space for the finger tips to grip while completely covering the user's delicate joints.

The fit is tight at first but conforms to the user's hand over time, making this a truly seamless part of daily training. We recommend using these finger sleeves during training and competition to prevent common injuries. Of course, with any severe injuries users should consult with their physicians to decide on a course of treatment and action.

Liontek Finger Sleeve Application:

Putting on our finger sleeves is a quick and simple process. First, pull the finger sleeve to the bottom of your fingers (as close to the bottom knuckle as possible). This may require a bit of effort the first few times you wear these. Second, push the tips of the finger sleeves down past the tips of your fingers. Being that the material is stretchy, it might get stuck on the tips of your fingers when first applied. To remove the finger sleeve, pinch the material between your fingers and pull.

Liontek Finger Sleeve


Common injuries can be avoided with the proper tools and instruments. Your training equipment should be able to withstand training without hindering your motions. From our experience, grappling sports such as BJJ put a tremendous amount of stress on the hand. Over time, this stress can lead to chronic pain or injuries. Proper technique along with quality protection will help you stay on the mats. Finger sleeves are a great way to enjoy the benefits of buddy wrapping without the hassle.